Shortwave Tracker Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

Heavens Above android app to track satellites for Android Tablets or phones

If you like tracking satellites for Radio listening and even for visual observations, check out this great android app.

TRRS #029 - Ham Radio Apps for Android (Part 2)

A review of two ham radio applications for the Android phone. APRS Viewer and NCDXF Beacons.

TRRS #0055 - Satellite Tracking on your Android PHone or Tablet

Today's show is a review of the program ISS Detector for the Android phones and tablets. It not only tracks the ISS but other satellites that are of interest to the ...

Real-time Airplane Tracking with ADS-B Signals and RTL-SDR Radios

See what's new in the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink: Download a trial: Use the software-defined radio ...

TRRS #0081 - Scanner Radio App for Android - Police Scanner

This is the second of eight scanner radio apps for the Android device that I am reviewing. This one, Police Scanner is a bit disappointing. It is the free version and ...

Flight Radar 24 is a great place if you love listening to HF Aeronautical comms

Great resource on the web to see airplanes around the world live

Ham Radio - Internet resources I use for current and predicted radio propagation.

My go to sites for seeing what the bands are doing and what they will be doing later. Below are the links to the sites I speak about in the video: ...

MR100 Antenna analyzer - Scan test

The first test of MR100 antenna analyzer - scanning for the best / minimum SWR in band. It looks work but do not worry about absolute values as it is not ...


Receive ADS-B (aircraft traffic) with RTL_SDR dongle and Multipsk software.

Portable scanner or radio holder's

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